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About Elicon Art

Elizabeth Connolly was born in Chicago, Illinois. First exposed to art at a Monet retrospective as a child, she went on to study art at NIU, in DeKalb, IL. Awarded a BFA and MA in studio art, Elizabeth left the Midwest to seek her fortune in the textile industry in NYC, where she developed fabrics for the apparel market.
Upon the birth of her third child, Elizabeth left the garment center to stay at home with her children. Life as a homemaker gave Elizabeth the opportunity to be with her children and to work in the studio again. Volunteering at her sons' school led her to discover a new passion: teaching. She received an MS Ed. from Hofstra University in Art Education.
As an artist-teacher, Elizabeth feels that she has the best of two worlds; she is able to create art for herself as well as instruct others in the arts. Working as an artist-teacher, Elizabeth has come to realize that the greatest quality she possesses is the ability to inspire learning in a student—whether 2 or 72. The desire to learn and create is the same; it only needs to be encouraged.

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Elicon Art Studio for Children

At Elicon Art Studio, we believe that art and creativity enhance learning and broaden the desire to explore and reason. Using the highest quality materials and tools, we will provide exceptional learning opportunities. The skills that children acquire in the art studio lead to self-reliance and confidence. Recent studies have shown that through the visual and performing arts, children develop high motivation, which sustains attention and can improve cognition.

Elicon Art Studio for Adults

The social classroom is an engaging and fun place to learn. Whether learning a new skill, revisiting a favorite medium or spending time in the studio, Elicon Art Studio can offer personalized and differentiated instruction tailored to all levels. One on one or group lessons available.

created by Elizabeth Connolly